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photo619Hi, I’m Tim. I appreciate you visiting my blog.  The purpose of my blog is to equip bloggers to live, refine, and communicate theology. What we believe is life changing. I write about ministry, theology, and personal improvement. My theology has transformed my life. Let me explain.

My Biography

I grew up in church because I had no choice. Mom used to say, “Every time the hinges of the church doors squeak, we are going to be there.” Today people claim they love Jesus but not the church. But God used the church, I grew up in, with our gospel preaching pastor, Arthur Blackburn, to bring me to Christ. God “saved” (Eph. 2:8, 9) me when I was 18 and called me to preach at age 21. The theology of salvation and Christ turned me around. I now have a relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. This blog will help all of us live theology for the glory of God.

After I graduated from Piedmont Baptist College, I went to Bob Jones University for graduate work, and later earned a Doctor’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary.  At Piedmont, I have taught students pastoral theology and preaching for 15 years on the undergraduate and graduate levels in the USA, Egypt, and Bangladesh.  I have taught both the traditional and on-line format. This has given me the opportunity to fine tune my theology which I consider my worldview. This blog will not only enable us to live but refine our theology as the grid for life.

I have been preaching since I was 21 years old and as a pastor for over 20 years. When I pastored Needham’s Grove Baptist Church for 15 years, I focused on expository preaching and saw God bless His Word in the lives of our members and the unsaved in our community. I now pastor a new church plant, Open Door Baptist Church, in Archdale, N.C. We just purchased our new building on 135 W. White Street. Our people are working hard to reach our community. Please keep us in your prayers.

My doctoral dissertation was on interpreting and preaching Old Testament stories. In addition to teaching theology, I have taught homiletics and expository preaching both on the undergraduate and graduate levels. This blog will equip us to communicate the theology of God’s Word. Every passage communicated has something to say about God that can transform the lives of our listeners when properly applied.

I recently had one chapter published in The Pastor: A Guide for God’s Faithful Servant by Regular Baptist Press. For Christmas I wrote my first Kindle eBook which you can order at Amazon.com: Putting Christ Back Into Christmas.

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I post about four times a week on average and I invite you to subscribe. Some of my top posts are

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My prayer is that DRTIMWHITE.COM will equip you to live, refine, and communicate theology in our postmodern culture and now post/postmodern. You can contact me at drtimwhite@gmail.com and twitter.com/DRTIMWHITE and Facebook.

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